Create your program online
Bisoft Online

With BISOFT online, you can start creating the programs for your BIBOX immediately. The programs created can be saved to the local disk of the computer. Just 1 step of download and installation of driver files to support "USB" and "Bluetooth" upload, you will start programming in no time.

Download Bisoft for Desktop and Mobile
Bisoft Desktop and Mobile

The world's first hexagonal programming platform is now available for download for various OS's and devices. BISOFT supports 3-in-1 programming construct. Multiple consoles like Remote, Audio, graph plotter, speech recognition, etc are available on the app. Single BISOFT software or app supports all variants of BIBOX Kit.
Download Documentations and User Manuals
BIBOX Documentations

All the documentation, tutorials, firmware updation steps and user manuals can be downloaded here. Click on the repective items to download the file.
Terms of use
All BISOFT software is the copyrighted work of "Evobi Automations Pvt Ltd". Evobi Automations Pvt Ltd has made available the BISOFT software without a License agreement, which you may use only to design, develop and test your programs on the Products and services, that we provide. Unless you have a valid license agreement with Evobi Automations Pvt Ltd that entitles you to do so, you may not resell, sublicense, or re-distribute any BISOFT software and app.